Board of Directors

Appoint our reputed consultants as independent directors and embrace better governance and long term strategic planning and growth.

Business Counselling

Appoint us as on counsellors on retainer to guide you and your team in your important day to day decisions at a paltry retainership fee.

Business Consulting

We are differentiated by our long-term approach whereby we work side by side to achieve phenomenal turnarounds to get you closer to your vision.

Corporate Training

Our training programs are highly unique, customized to the organization we work with and result oriented instead of just motivation words.

Our Work Philosophy and Methodology

When we are working with you, our sole aim is to achieve a win-win outcome for our clients. Our growth as a company is dependent on growth of our clients's businesses. Just like as the owner of the company, you overlook all departments's we strongly believe in doing the same.

We are confident that we can deliver value and hence, we are the only consulting company probably in existence globally, that believes in taking a large part of its fees based on performance.

Client Testimonials

  • Amongst our team of CA with years of experience, Sahay Consultancy brings a managerial experience asset that just puts us at the top of all growth plans.
    Sandeep Kamdar
    MD, Arihant Group
  • Sahay is a company poised to grow for sure. We totally admire the values with which the company operates and the confidence they have in making money by providing quality delivery is what will matter. We hired them by speaking on phone for the very first time only.
    Manish Jivani
    CEO, Anand International
  • I am really impressed by the turnaround time provided by Sahay. They actually live by their words and brought phenomenal changes helping us re-do the same things we tried in a better way.
    Vishal Virani
    CEO, Coruscate Solutions
  • For us, Consulting means one and only thing, Rushiraj Patel. He is our first call when we need support and he delivers value everytime. I am sure the rest of the team will also be providing similar experience.
    Jigar Shah
    CEO, Munimji



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