One of our clients had been struggling with sales with close to nil sales over the past half a year. In a period of serious recession in the market, we observed that the office was looking more like a dead morgue.

Our plan was simple's we needed to turn the office environment into an aggressive one like the one we see in The Wolf of the Wall Street. This turnaround was accomplished in just one month and voila after the 3 month's each person clocked more than one high ticket sale.

RoI for our services: More than 300% within a span of 4 months.

We helped one of our clients into geographical expansion of business by helping him to find the right strategic partners and developing the entire process framework for transitioning to other geography.

This process helped the client to spread across 4 cities in 2 states.

RoI for our services: Revenue will multiply 4 times in next 2 years.

We introduced formal processes into a 4 year old company with young staff to reduce its dependency on people.

Whilst drafting those processes we unearthed loops in their operations - which shall help company to save more than 2 lacs INR per annum.

RoI for our services: More than 300% recurring every year.

We have prepared the pitch deck for our pharmaceutical client to acquire the manufacturing of a top revenue contributing product of a global market leader Fortune 500 company and thus, acquired a multimillion dollar opportunity for our client and huge savings for Fortune 500 company as well.

RoI for our services: Profits worth 100 times in next 2 years.

We improvised a 5 year old service company to move beyond its flagship offering and expand its offerings from 2 to 7.

We also conceptualized 2 new products that will further increase the penetration of existing services as well as generate new revenue stream simultaneously

RoI for our services: Increase annual turnover by more than 3 times.